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What Does Baobab Fruit Taste Like?

Just a quick post today on a question we get a lot…

What Does Baobab Fruit Taste Like?

It is a great question, and one that is obviously challenging to answer without being able to reach through the screen and give you a taste.  Come on, Google, when are you going to invent Taste enhanced searches :)  Still, we will give it our best shot…

The Tart Taste of Baobab Fruit

Baobab fruit has a tart, somewhat sour flavor.  There is also a strong tropical flavor, almost like a sour Mango.  If you eat the Baobab fruit pulp directly, it can be somewhat dry and gritty.  Remember, 50% of the Baobab fruit is fiber, so it is a dense fruit.

Unfortunately, it is very rare to find the whole Baobab fruit here in the USA.  Still, there is a great alternative and that is Baobab Fruit powder.  The great thing about Baobab Fruit powder is that it is basically identical in flavor and nutrients to fresh Baobab fruit pulp.  You see, the Baobab fruit pulp is dry, almost like coconut pulp.  In order to “make” Baobab Fruit powder, you just need to remove the seeds from the pulp and crush it into a fine powder.  No heat is necessary at all, so it is a very natural process, that retains the flavor and nutrients.

What Does Baobab Fruit Powder Taste Like?

The same as Baobab fruit pulp!  We mix about 6 grams of Organic Baobab fruit powder into water and it makes a delicious, if some what tart drink.  It almost has a tropical lemonade flavor to it.  You can add a touch of honey if you want a sweeter drink, but we find straight Baobab fruit powder and water to be a very refreshing and healthy drink

Keep The Questions Coming

We are writing this site for you and love all your questions.  Keep the questions coming in and we will keep writing articles about the Baobab fruit!